Differences among the Singly, Circular, and Doubly Linked List Data Structures

The Circular Linked List data structure is pretty much identical to the
Singly Linked List except for the fact there is an extra reference
called “last”. That gives us an ability to quickly make changes to the
last node. Whereas the Single Linked List only has access to the first
node and in order to get to the end it has to traverse the entire list
of nodes to get to the end, which is not efficient.

Using the Circular Linked List it is possible to implement both the Stack
and the Queue mechanisms, but use the nodes as objects of the Linked List type instead elements of a simple array.

In the Circular and Singly Linked Lists the inner nodes only know about
the next one. Each node does not know anything about the node preceding it. In the Doubly Linked List every node knows about the node that follows it as well as the node that is preceding it, which makes the Doubly Linked List the most efficient and flexible of all Lists.