Update Background Color with Bootstrap 4

To make a set background color slightly lighter (or darker) make these changes to _background.scss file in utilities folder of the Bootstrap 4 source folder:

@include bg-variant('.bg-inverse', $brand-inverse);
Duplicate and modify:
@include bg-variant('.bg-inverse-lighter', lighten($brand-inverse, 10%));

Process the .scss file and use this new class (in this case bg-inverse-lighter) for the element’s background.

Sticky Footer with Bootstrap 4

To implement sticky footer, when the elements of the footer sticks to the bottom of the page, we can use Bootstrap 4 classes that are designed for navigation.

Make the footer implement “container-fluid” class. Inside the footer place a “nav” element with classes “navbar” and “fixed-bottom”. The footer will be forced to the bottom of the page.

<footer class="container-fluid">
  <nav class="navbar fixed-bottom">
    Footer text


Goal: Create a website and web application for a scientific conference. Create a custom administrator back-office to manage the conference participants. Integrate Stripe payment gateway.
Specifics: Contract work for Nano and Giga Inc.
Web technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScipt, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3.
Libraries: Bootstrap 3.0.
Release date: October 2, 2016.